We say it comes from the Alps, but it really comes from our heart.

Edelschwarz Organic Gin is a
traditionally produced London Dry Gin.

Our Edelschwarz Organic Gin is the result of passion, curiosity, expertise, the best ingredients and a quest for the highest quality. A premium gin with origin, hallmarked by its unmistakable taste.

The clear mountain spring water from the Gompm Alm located at an altitude of 1,800m as well as 17 organic alpine botanicals make our Edelschwarz one of a kind – it captivates with its freshness, light fruity notes and fine balance of alpine aromas.

Edelschwarz Organic Gin - London dry Gin der Gompmalm

2 cl Edelschwarz, Room temperature – no ice

Tip: Garnishes such as lemon, cucumber or rosemary tend to alter the taste.
Instead use flavourless garnishes such as berries and lemon balm.

4 cl Edelschwarz – on ice, 200 ml Tonic Water

«Organics Tonic Water» by Redbull (Fresh & Dry)or
«Mediterranean» by Fever Tree (Fresh) or
«Indian» by Fever Tree (Dry)

Tip: Garnishes such as lemon, cucumber or rosemary tend to alter the taste.
Instead use flavourless garnishes such as berries and lemon balm.

One year and 26 distillates after the initial concept, a unique premium gin was born. From the outset, the goal was to distil an alpine London Dry Gin made from high-quality natural ingredients using all the tricks of the trade.

Our essence in
every bottle

Classic and innovative, noble and alpine. This is our London Dry Gin from the Gompm Alm in Schenna / South Tyrol. We have distilled and macerated our origins and a piece of our personality. Discover a new world of alpine indulgence, taste the delicate aromatic nuances, the heart, soul and passion in every single drop.

Helli Gufler,
head of the Gompm Alm

ALPINE HERITAGE. EDELSCHWARZ BOTANICALS. Exceptional gin requires the highest quality ingredients. Inspired by the Alps, the name Edelschwarz combines carefully selected botanicals such as edelweiss and blueberry (in German Schwarzbeere). In total, 17 organic alpine botanicals including juniper, cranberry, rosehip, elderberry, lemon balm and spruce sprouts combined with the mountain spring water from the Gompm Alm give our Edelschwarz Gin its distinctive taste.
ATTENTION TO DETAIL. AND THE HIGHEST STANDARDS. First, the carefully selected organic ingredients including berries, herbs and spices are carefully macerated. Next, small batches of 300l are distilled in the copper still and then following two months maturing in stainless steel, the full-bodied, balanced and fine-aromatic London Dry Gin is created.
EDELSCHWARZ. A GIN WITH ITS OWN UNIQUE MARK. Our organic gin tempts with its unmistakably fine herbal aroma and clear smooth taste. Its light freshness and fruity notes as well as the unique balance of botanicals make it an elegant and equally authentic gin from the Alps. The best way to enjoy it is straight, even without ice or as a classic gin and tonic.


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