Organic Gin



Only the finest hand-picked and organically grown botanicals from the Alps are used to make this organic gin not only pure drinking pleasure, but also a unique experience for the nose.

Gompm Dry Gin

Edelschwarz is a traditionally produced London Dry Gin. This finely spiced and complex premium gin is carefully distilled in copper stills from small batches made using the maceration process, before being matured in ideal conditions.

Mountain Spring Water

Our gin is refined with pure mountain spring water from the Gompm Alm mountain pasture spring – taking advantage of the elemental and primordial power of the Alps to unfold its extraordinary and harmonious taste.


Inspired by the pure energy of the South Tyrolean Alps, Edelschwarz Organic Gin carefully combines selected botanicals such as Edelweiss and blueberry with the primal power of the mountains in the form of spring water from the Gompm Alm in South Tyrol.

Only the finest hand-picked organic ingredients, berries, herbs and spices, are macerated in small individual batches, using a time-consuming and controlled process. The maceration is then handcrafted and distilled by masters in small batches. The aged distillate develops into the full-bodied, fruity and complex Gompm Dry Gin.

Gompm Dry Gin, a direct connection from the mountain to the soul.
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Two crazy minds create one gin

“We got to know each other and exchanged our philosophies about the pleasures of the palate. Soon after, the idea was born and there was no turning back – it captivated us, drove us on, as we felt that this was our gin.”
Helli & Micha